"The acquired knowledge and experience through different industries in more than 300 capital projects worldwide, confirm the quality of our products and services and gives us a big advantage in the realization of new challenging projects."


INTIS ENGINEERING is a company specialized in the following activities in the sophisticated automotive industry:

  • Engineering
  • Designing and consulting
  • Manufacturing of electrical cabinets
  • Wiring of specialized machines
  • Electrical supervision
  • Software development
  • Commissioning
  • Shift support

We offer effective software solutions for standalone applications as well as quality control, transportation systems and welding, laser control and assembly lines. Our services include the design, development, implementation and commissioning of industrial equipment.

Together with our partners, we cover all professions in this narrow industry and provide innovative technological solutions to a wide range of customers in the field of manufacturing and industrial process management.

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Main activities of INTIS ENGINEERING in metal industry (iron and steel, aluminium, copper) are design, manufacturing and commissioning of:

  • Control systems
  • Drives and motors
  • Plant Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Power distribution systems

We have realized many projects in this field, taking part in construction or revamping of tens of plants worldwide, often in co‑operation with leading suppliers of automation solutions such as Siemens, Danieli, VAI, SMS and Techint.
Our engineers have accumulated automation and technological know‑how in most operations characteristic of metal production and processing:

  • blast furnaces, direct reduction
  • melting shops (electric-arc furnaces (EAF), ladle furnaces (LF), converters)
  • continuous casting lines for slabs or ingots
  • slab or ingot surface conditioning (grinding, milling)
  • reheating furnaces
  • strip rolling mills
  • wire, rod and bar rolling mils
  • strip thermal treatment furnaces
  • strip degreasing, pickling, coating and annealing lines

In the field of control systems, drives and motors, and manufacturing execution systems for metal industry, we are able to offer:

  • complete turnkey solutions for new plants or improvements in existing plants
  • consulting, basic and detailed design
  • hardware and software solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers
  • delivery of electrical and control cubicles and software according to our own or customer’s specification
  • erection and commissioning; fine tuning of process parameters
  • maintenance in warranty period and afterwards

In order to meet specific needs of metallurgical plants, we have developed several dedicated products:

  • SmarTIS – Manufacturing Execution System / Technical Information System
  • SmartView – SCADA package (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
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With years of experience in the oil & gas industry and representing a variety of product lines in this field of industry, INTIS ENGINEERING has profiled as a serious systems integrator in the field of instrumentation and control systems.
Applying the technological know-how and experience of our engineers, we are able to offer:

  • Instrumentation and control system design engineering for all project phases
  • Consulting in field of functional safety (TUV)
  • Development of PLC/SCADA/DCS/SIS software applications
  • Electrical Supervision
  • Maintenance
  • Small skid solutions
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The pharmaceutical industry as a branch of the chemical industry is another field of industry where INTIS ENGINEERING has profiled as a high-tech company specialized in the production of active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs). By following the ISO 9001: 2015 quality system and good engineering practice, our products and services can compete in global markets.

The value of drug production in the world, today is around 300 billion USD and recorded an annual growth rate of 8 to 10%. Thus, it ranks third in the global chemical industry. Due to the great importance of pharmaceutical products in the healthcare system, special attention is paid to them, and accordingly, very strict national and international regulations have been adopted to ensure their suitability for their intended use, quality, effectiveness and harmlessness within the established validity period. While developing project solutions company INTIS ENGINEERING, monitors and complies with the stipulated standards by establishing a comprehensive quality assurance system for its own products and services.
With the philosophy of innovation and environmental protection, INTIS ENGINEERING is committed to fulfil its social responsibility for human health, dedicated to provide customer services at home and abroad with reasonable prices, high quality products, and professional technical services.
Applying the technological know-how and experience of our engineers, for this field of industry we are able to offer:

  • Instrumentation and control system design engineering for all project phases
  • Consulting in field of functional safety (TUV)
  • Development of PLC/SCADA/DCS/SIS software applications
  • Electrical cabinet (DCS, SIS, MCC…) manufacturing
  • High quality standards instrumentation supply
  • Project management of API projects
  • Electrical Supervision
  • Maintenance
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Using rich experience in the implementation of complex control systems at facilities in energetics and industry, INTIS ENGINEERING has achieved significant references in open cast coal mining machines such as spreaders, dredges and operating stations.
Implementing modern control systems we realize the following:

  • Increase in usable safety by preventing possibilities of damage, preventing threats to the static of machines and by disabling fire possibility
  • Increasing the availability of equipment by reducing time delays, with rapid system diagnosis an by increasing operation speed
  • Reducing energy consumption is achieved by optimal regulation, restoring power to the network, without energy consumption during standstill
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Power generation

Engineering in the field of automation in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity is another important activity of the company.

Diversity and flexibility of our experts proves that INTIS ENGINEERING is capable to successfully provide most demanding and diverse engineering projects. Due to this reason, power engineering is also an important segment in the portfolio of our company and we especially emphasize the need for efficient and clean sources of energy.

Vast experience of INTIS in the field of production, transfer and distribution of electric energy proves that we are completely capable to meet all demands from our customers.

Our Power engineers have implemented more than 100 complex projects around the world. We have participated in designing, furnishing, construction and reconstruction of hydro-and thermal power plants, substations and switchyards, mostly at high voltage levels.

These projects encompass the following areas:

  • Automation in power plants and substations
  • Protection in power plants and substations
  • Telecommunication subsystems
  • Auxiliary power subsystems (AC, DC, UPS, backup power supplies etc)
  • Security subsystems and video surveillance systems
  • Designing, furnishing and delivery of substations and switchyards
  • Process control in thermal power plants and waste incinerators
  • Process control in hydropower plants
  • Process control in desulphurization plants

In these areas INTIS ENGINEERING offers engineering solutions on a ”turnkey” basis which include:

  • Basic, detail and “as build” design with all calculations and sub projects
  • Delivery of all equipment
  • Cabinets production
  • Programming and parameterization of all relevant equipment
  • FAT in our own production facility
  • Site erection, primary and secondary testing,  commissioning, SAT
  • Education and training for the staff
  • Maintenance services

We supply equipment in accordance with Customer or project specified requirements with appropriate programming and evaluation software’s and in accordance with relevant local and/or International standards.

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