Sludge analysis


Reliable sludge blanket measurement via optical sensor
OPTISYS SLM 2100 – Sludge Level Meter

Optical measuring system for sedimentation profile measurement
Continuous level measurement of sludge blanket (zone tracking)
Common operating and service concept with other KROHNE devices

The sludge level meter OPTISYS SLM 2100 features an accurate and reliable profile measurement of the sedimentation tank using an optical sensor which travels through all layers of the tank reading suspended solids concentration at the different heights.

Direct measurement via sounding with an optical sensor
3 reliable measurement modes including determination of sedimentation profile, blanket and fluff levels as well as zone tracking
Common operating and service concept with flow and level devices
Build-in heater and ventilation for temperature regulation
2 x rake guard switch or trigger inputs
1 x maintenance switch
2 x programmable relays (status ouput or limit switch)
Automatic cleaning unit for low maintenance efforts


Waste water (industrial and municipal)
Drinking water
Power stations


Measurement of sludge blanket and fluff zone in primary and secondary clarifiers or sludge thickeners
Monitoring of sedimentation processes
Automation of sludge extraction
Early warning of sludge washout